General Terms of Service

These general terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of the Parties when booking accommodation and other related services provided by “RINNO HOTEL” (hereinafter referred to as “Hotel RINNO” or us). Please, as a recipient of the service, read in detail and thoroughly all the terms of service specified by the Hotel.

Please note that when choosing and ordering specific Hotel services, the special terms and conditions of your chosen services are also indicated, which detail and supplement these general terms and conditions. These general terms and conditions, together with the special terms and conditions specified for you, constitute an integral and inseparable agreement.


When booking the services provided by the Hotel, you undertake to provide the Hotel only with correct and accurate information.

Only person over 18 years old (adults) have the right to reserve the services provided by the hotel.

You must arrive at the Hotel no later than the time specified by the Hotel on the day of booking. You must also check-out at the time specified by the Hotel. If you do not vacate the room or check-out of the Hotel within the deadline specified by the Hotel and do not agree with the Hotel on the late departure conditions, you will be required to pay Hotel the price of Hotel Room for one day.

The hotel emphasizes that cancellation and prepayment policies vary depending on the type of stay you choose. As a result, full details of the cancellation and prepayment policy will be provided to you when booking your preferred type of stay.


By making a reservation, you commit to pay the Hotel for the goods and services you have ordered or it has been provided to you and to compensate Hotel for any damage (eg damaged inventory, violation of cancellation procedures, non-arrival, etc.).


Personal safes in the rooms and/or at the reception are free of charge. We advise you to keep valuable personal belongings and documents in a safe at all times. The Hotel is not responsible for valuables left in the room and/or on the Hotel premises.

In no event will the hotel be responsible for the safety of your vehicle, any damage of the vehicle, damage or loss to the vehicle, or the safety, damage and / or loss of items left in the car.

There is a charge for items in the minibar. It is necessary to pay for the goods consumed from the minibar, necessary to pay in the order specified by the Hotel.

Information about other Hotel services can be obtained from the Hotel reception or by contacting the Hotel.


Smoking is prohibited in the hotel’s non-smoking rooms or areas. In the event of violation of this rule, you will be required to pay fine of 70 EUR to the Hotel, which will be considered the minimum loss for the Hotel.


In order to bring pets with you to the Hotel, you must carefully review the conditions of your booked stay in advance. Please note that extra charges may apply for pets. You are responsible for any damage caused by the animal to Hotel property or third parties. In case of any doubt, please contact the Hotel before booking.


You commit to use any electrical appliances properly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and not to leave them unattended.

You are responsible for the damage and destruction of any property in the Hotel or specific room.

You are responsible for damage, destruction or loss of any keys, cards, devices or other property handed over to you on the day of your arrival. You are committed to return to Hotel any keys, cards or other property handed over to you no later than the day of departure upon check-out from the Hotel. If the property is not returned in time, damaged or destroyed, you unconditionally undertake to compensate the Hotel for the damages that you have caused.

By using the Wi-Fi Internet access provided by the Hotel, you undertake not to infringe the intellectual property rights of the Hotel or third parties, or to use the Internet access for malicious or any other illegal activity.


You can find out how we handle your personal data by reading our online privacy policy.

If you have any questions, requests or claims, please do not hesitate to contact us. By post: Vingrių st. 25, LT-1309 Vilnius, El. email: or Phone: +370 61214101